Welcome to The Club

The Sustainability Club is a full-service development studio for sustainable fashion. We develop high-quality products for fashion brands that care. Our goal is to incorporate sustainability into your designs and development processes. 


We believe that fashion can and should be created in a sustainable way.

Developing high-quality products with a perfect fit is our core business. We make sure that production is done under fair conditions and that materials are selected to be as sustainable as possible. With our vast technical knowledge and ever-expanding network, we help brands to shift towards a more sustainable supply chain.


What can we do for you?

Sustainability in fashion: for fashion and apparel companies there is no getting around it anymore and nor should they. But it can create challenges because: where to start? Some challenges that fashion brands face are:


-       Where can we source sustainable materials and ethical suppliers?

-       What is the most sustainable option for my product?

-       How do we check if the working conditions at our supplier are good?

-       What steps can we take to become more sustainable?


With our network of manufacturers and sustainable fabric suppliers, we can help you to find the right supplier for your products and needs. We offer Sustainable Product Development services tailored to your company's needs. We can develop your products from the first sketch to final delivery.

With our Sourcing Services and online Sustainability Consulting, we can help you to set up a sustainable supply chain.

Ready to shift towards a more sustainable supply chain?

Great. We are ready to get you there.

Our Areas Of Expertise



We source for skilful production ateliers within Europe that abide by international labour standards. With our network of manufacturers and sustainable fabric suppliers, we can help you to find the right supplier for your products and needs. 

- European manufacturers

- Large network of suppliers

- Certified materials

- Labour conditions check

- High quality



Technical knowledge and clear communication are key when it comes to product development. With our experience in product development, sampling and quality monitoring we make the development process easy and fast. Saving time, money and resources. 

- Tech-packs

- Size charts

- Sampling

- Quality monitoring



A large portion of a products environmental impact is decided in the design phase. With a solid background in fashion and apparel design and good insight into the value chain, we are able to minimize the environmental impact through design and material choices.


- Fashion & accessories design

- Fabric selection

- Technical drawings

- Zero-waste design


A perfect fit is an essential element of sustainable, durable clothing. We work together with couture and ready-to-wear pattern makers for pattern development and fit improvement. We create patterns from scratch and improve the fit of existing styles.

- Pattern development

- Fit improvement

- Fitting sessions