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Your unique and inspiring journey to level up your sustainability game starts right here. With the right guidance, tools and knowlegde you can develop responsible products and create a future-proof business. A business that makes a positive impact on the planet, people, animals, and the climate, so that you and the future generations can live a life of purpose and abundance without apology or regret.


These might sound like bold statements, but the reality is: It takes people to make a difference. People like you. I am really happy that you are here and that you want to learn more about sustainable fashion. Allow me to fuel your fire, to inspire, empower and educate you. So that you are ready and able to make more impact and shape the future of fashion!

Book a 1 on 1 consulting session with our founder, Sustainable Fashion Expert Nynke Eggen. The sessions are aimed to get you started, informed, and to develop the right sustainability strategy for you and your business. With the right sustainability strategy, it becomes easy to focus your time on what really matters so that you can make a positive impact. ​In a session, we will use practical methods and tools to make the process of implementing sustainability more efficient and effective.


"The online consulting session was really helpful, Nynke is very knowledgeable and well-prepared - thanks to the questionnaire sent beforehand, we could jump right into answering my questions/concerns. Nynke also gave me some practical helpful tips on how to improve my initial designs, of which I wouldn't think myself. I am in the beginning phase of my project and I think it was really valuable to confront my ideas and concerns with an expert at an early stage."