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*Your 1 page strategy to change the course of your brand + level up your sustainability game

Free hugs advice from The Sustainability Club.

Step 1

Answer 15 questions about your brand.

Step 2

Press send and wait for our consultants to work their magic*

Step 3

Receive the sustainability roadmap customized to your brand and see clearly what you can do to become a more sustainable brand.

*Your answers and website will be analyzed by one of our consultants to offer you real and personalized advice, that you will actually benefit from. This can take up to 2 weeks. In a hurry? You can let us know in the Roadmap tool.

Discover what your company can do to become more sustainable with the Free Sustainability Roadmap. With this handy 1 page strategy, you'll learn what your brand can do and say to gain consumer respect and improve your global image.

With this roadmap you will learn:

  • What are your missed opportunities

  • If your company is (at risk of) breaking any laws or regulations

  • Which type of sustainability strategy matches your brand

  • If your company is making the best use of its sustainability efforts in communication

  • What you can do today to improve

Sustainability Roadmap Mockup.png
CSR strategy - The Sustainability Club


The material choice alone can account for up to 95% of a product’s environmental and social footprint.*

*Kering, 2018

Start here

Leave your details to launch the Roadmap Tool. Upon completion, our consultants will get to work on your Sustainability Roadmap.

Nynke Eggen - Founder


Nynke Eggen, Sustainable Fashion Strategist + Founder of The Sustainability Club

The Sustainable Fashion Strategist at The Sustainability Club for footwear and apparel brands. She specializes in guiding and training fashion brands and professionals to take the right steps in their sustainability journey and create their unique sustainability strategy and message. 

Her background is in Fashion Design, Product Development, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Working for fashion brands and start-ups in different product-related roles for over 10 years, Nynke has learned the ins and outs of creating high-quality fashion and lifestyle products. Now, with her combined knowledge of CSR, sustainability, and product development, she is uniquely positioned to help fashion brands successfully create sustainable products and responsible businesses.

"Nynke supported BRONX FASHION in developing a clear SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY & ROADMAP with a corresponding COMMUNICATION PLAN. She is both an expert and a strategist. I can highly recommend her."



The Sustainability Roadmap presents one clear overview of what your company can do today to grow from a strong fashion brand to a future-proof company with a positive global image.

Sustainability Roadmap

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