Vogue Business: How to create positive impact with natural materials

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Recently we have been loving the Sustainability content from Vogue Business. This article by Bella Webb is 100% in line with our mission!

"experts are calling on the fashion industry to go beyond harm mitigation and create positive impact."

For those who do not subscribe to Vogue Business, I have listed the key insights:

- "Brands can play an important role in championing positive impact. “It’s about thriving, not just surviving,” says Seetal Solanki"

- "Investing in development (of new materials) without putting pressure on the outcomes is key"

- Focus on new materials that create a positive impact, like carbon-sequestering algae.

- Education can drive positive impact through meaningful collaboration, not just 'logo-swapping' collabs between brands. Changing the focus in collaboration from marketing to education.

- Positive impact isn’t limited to new materials. It can come about through finding new uses for existing materials or waste.

In short, the new direction in sustainability is creating a positive impact. This can be achieved through meaningful collaborations - based on education or knowledge sharing (together you can make an even bigger impact!). By investing in (the development of) new, carbon-sequestering materials, products can become climate positive.

For Vogue Business subscribers, read the full article here.