The Sustainability Club x Starters4Communities

I have exciting news; The Sustainability Club is collaborating with Starters4Communities! S4C is an amazing initiative that connects starters that want to make an impact on companies that are working to do good in the world.

In the coming months, the group of starters will learn everything about social entrepreneurship. They will work at six social start-ups (including TSC!) and strengthen their impact, reach and (financial) sustainability. In this way, they contribute directly to a sustainable and social society and learn how to become social entrepreneurs!

I am very excited that The Sustainability Club is one of the start-ups that is linked to a group of enthusiastic professionals who are working from our ideals and want to make society greener and more inclusive!

Their first challenge is to organize crowdfunding to help fund this program and all the people involved. They have already raised over €25.000!!

Do you want to help make this program possible and support a group of impact makers to make the world a bit more beautiful? Then select one of the amazing (and many!) rewards and donate now!

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