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Updated: Jul 28, 2022

We believe that companies should be about more than making a profit. Companies can be a force of positive change and they can have the power to give back.

We are asking much from our planet with our global demand for products. Everything that we make requires resources and energy and emits carbon into our air. If we cut down all the trees to make room for plantations, cotton fields and for cattle to graze, we won’t have any trees left. Trees take carbon from the air and lock it away. They are in fact, a natural solution to climate change. Additionally, tree roots ensure that soil doesn’t erode and that the ground stays fertile and healthy so that we can grow more food and crops. Trees, in other words, keep our planet healthy.

At The Sustainability Club, we want to take care of our planet, nature, animals and people.

Therefore, we plant a tree for every product that we develop for fashion brands.

We are not saying that offsetting carbon emission by planting trees is the answer for a sustainable fashion industry. It's not. Our mission is to change the fashion industry into an updated model that exists in balance with nature and all its resources.

Do you agree? Join us! 🌳💪


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