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The Sustainability Goals Training



Excluding VAT


This training is for fashion and sustainability professionals who:

  • want to achieve real & fast results in the sustainability journey of their company

  • want to communicate about their company's sustainability efforts, without greenwashing

Are you a CSR manager, (aspiring) fashion professional, or CEO/ founder, or do you take part in the sustainability efforts of your company? And do you recognize yourself in one or more of the following statements?

You find it challenging to progress with your company's sustainability efforts. Sometimes, you lack focus or experience overwhelm because there is so much that needs to be done to make your company more sustainable.


You love your job and you know sustainability is important, but you have difficulty making the rest of the team more aware of or a part of the sustainability journey. 


You are making progress in your sustainability efforts, but you struggle with how to communicate this to your customers.

You want to work or advance in the field of sustainability and you want to learn skills that will actually help brands to implement sustainable practices.


No goals, no progress..

In my work as a sustainability consultant for fashion companies, I often analyze the sustainability pages of different brands. I was amazed to see that clear goals or objectives are often missing. And, what I discovered as well: companies that HAVE set goals are usually further in their sustainability journey than companies that have not set any targets.


I didn't understand why this was the case. As a responsible fashion brand, you would want to be able to share what you are working on and what your ambitions are?

Then I discovered that CSR managers and sustainability professionals found it difficult to set good targets. And, they were afraid to communicate the targets that they did set. Instead, they posted vague statements or bold ambitions (such as ‘we strive to work with the most sustainable materials possible’) for the fear of not being able to achieve the goals. Because if you set goals that are really specific, you might not be able to achieve them. And that thought is of course, terrifying. While the opposite is actually true. The more concrete your goals are, the more seriously you will be taken and the easier it will be to achieve them. Plus, setting strong goals is actually pretty easy, once you know how to do it and what to focus on. So my question is... do you dare to take on this responsibility?



20% of your efforts define 80% of your outcome

That is why setting the right goals will get you far.

You need a few clear, energizing goals.

To help you to be purposeful and avoid wasting time and energy.


Because you want to make a positive change, and time is precious. 

Do you recognize this?

You work really hard on improving the sustainability efforts of your company. Many projects and issues require your attention, and your focus is scattered. You are the only one keeping all the balls in the air and you are afraid of falling behind your competitors.

Then let me help you, because I discovered

that clear sustainability goals, make your sustainability journey accelerate.

And if there is something that you are good at, it’s making an impact and achieving results. As soon as you have a clear plan, you GO. In the past 3 years, I have helped many brands and professionals to set clear sustainability goals and achieve them.



Founder and sustainability consultant at The Sustainability Club, and I help fashion brands to act and communicate according to the highest standards of responsibility.


But this was not always easy for me. Like many sustainability professionals, I started out in the fashion industry in a completely different role (as a product developer). And when I started working as a CSR manager, I often felt overwhelmed, out of my depth, and a bit lost. There was a huge task with a big responsibility on my plate: 'making the brand more sustainable'. That's quite something. There was a lot of work to be done and things were moving very slowly. But after a year of putting in 1000% effort, I could proudly tell that we had made steps on many different things. But I had no concrete big 'wins'. And that was exactly what the CEO and the marketing department were looking for. And, honestly, I was a bit disappointed as well. Concrete results not only feel like an accomplishment but they can be used in communication and could therefore ensure the ROI of our sustainability efforts.


I thought, this needs to change. So I started looking for ways to make the sustainability process more structured, easier, and faster for myself - and for my team. 


What turned out. I had set goals, but they were too big, too vague, and too general. I had not made them actionable, and they were not inspiring. So, I took a deep dive into how to set goals that are achievable, and actually motivate change, and I dove into the science behind actually achieving them...


  • I have helped different fashion companies to set their sustainability goals, from multinationals to SMEs and founder-run companies 

  • Many of these goals have been achieved within 1 year, giving the company a competitive edge in their sustainability journey

  • I have developed a method for setting the most important sustainability goals for your company in just one session

  • I train teams and professionals to learn this skill, so they can develop, reassess and achieve their company's sustainability goals

In other words, I discovered how to make an actual impact as a professional within your company. The method to accelerate your sustainability journey, get everyone in the team aligned, and communicate your company's sustainability efforts, without the fear of greenwashing.


What would it be like?

If you could confidently communicate your company's sustainability efforts,

clearly illustrate your progress and know exactly which steps to take to progress your company's sustainability journey even further, without worrying about being called out for greenwashing?

Think about it

It's a good feeling, right? ;-)


Because I love to teach you my method that helps companies to act and communicate to the next level of responsibility.


Move away from vague statements and long work plans. Use clear, concise goals to instruct and engage your team, and get everyone on the same page to accelerate your company’s sustainability journey.


Say goodbye to the fear of negative (media) attention and greenwashing. Share your sustainability journey with your customers and be known as honest, responsible and ‘on-top-of-things’.

The Sustainability Goals training is not one-size-fits-all, you will learn how to select the relevant topics for your company and how to set goals that are both achievable and ambitious. At the end of the training, you will not only have concrete sustainability goals for your company, but you will also have acquired a new skill that you can use for the rest of your career.
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Sustainability Goals Training

In the Sustainability Goals Training, I will teach you how you set relevant, realistic, and ambitious goals, that will accelerate your company's sustainability efforts and elevate your brand image.

The Sustainability Goals Training is for fashion and sustainability professionals who want to increase their impact and decrease their workload, without cutting corners or dropping any balls. We start from your company's brand DNA and add industry relevance to create unique goals that will drive your company forward.

Sustainability Goals Training

  • 2 live training sessions on how to create clear, engaging, and relevant sustainability goals for your company AND how to use them effectively in the communication strategy

  • A beautiful workbook that will guide you through the process and that you can use again and again

  • Join other fashion and sustainability professionals in learning a new skill

  • Learn according to our framework: clarity, credibility, communication

  • Bonus: industry sustainability goals

  • Ready in 2 weeks, access to the replays as long as we exist

You will learn:


  • What makes up a good sustainability strategy and how to strengthen it with sustainability goals that align with your brand DNA

  • To define your company ‘north star'

  • How to adopt industry goals for your company

  • To set clear goals, that are SMART and inspiring

  • How to achieve your goals

  • How to use sustainability goals in communication and how they help you to avoid greenwashing


I don't want you to feel any risk, so I provide a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you have completed the training and you are not satisfied, I will refund you right away.






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The online course with Nynke was excellent. I was definitely surprised by her knowledge, professionalism, experience, and way of getting this across. I can highly recommend the course for those who really want to deal with sustainability in fashion from the ground up and want to create a difference and impact there. In addition to imparting knowledge, there is also space for questions, discussions, tasks, and reflection. I really liked that the knowledge was imparted as a foundation, but you still felt that you were in good hands and that you are together on your way to sustainable action.

Tatiana Brumund, Founder



Do you have a question? Maybe you can find your answer here.

We already have set sustainability goals, is this training relevant for me?

Yes. If you feel that you want to accelerate the sustainability journey of your company, it is still very relevant to join the training. This training does not only help you to set sustainability goals, but it also teaches you to reassess them, improve them, make them actionable, how to achieve them, and how to use them in the communication of your company's sustainability efforts. You will learn the skill of creating good sustainability goals that you can use for the rest of your career. You will also learn about industry-wide targets, so it is also a good opportunity to see if your company's targets align with the industry.

Who is this suitable for?

The training is suitable for fashion and sustainability professionals who are (or want to be) involved in the sustainability efforts of a fashion or lifestyle company that sells products or services. It is also perfect for freelancers and consultants who want to broaden their skillset. The training has originally been developed and conducted as in-company training for teams or project groups that are working on sustainability. These teams usually include the CSR (or Sustainability) Manager, the CEO or Founder, and people from different departments: Buying, Design, Communication, Marketing, Logistics, E-commerce, and Sales. The training can be followed for different levels of experience with sustainability. Are you switching careers or just starting your career and you aspire to work in sustainability? Then this training is perfect to learn an invaluable skill that you can use throughout your career.

Will I get feedback on my sustainability goals?

I love seeing the sustainability goals that you develop during the training, so during the training, you can upload them to receive feedback. If my schedule allows it, I will give feedback on the sustainability goals of everyone that joins the training. There will also be time during the training when I give feedback in a group setting, so everyone can learn from it.

Can I join this training without disclosing sensitive information of my company?

Yes, that is no problem, there is no need to share any sensitive information about your company or your company's sustainability strategy. There will be moments when you can ask questions and they will be answered in a group setting, so everyone can learn from them. You will have the opportunity to send in your questions before a session, so if it does involve some information that you would not want to share with the group, you can indicate this and I will get back to you privately.

I don’t have a sustainability strategy at my company. Can I follow this training?

Yes. This training will actually help you in creating or further developing your sustainability strategy. Sustainability goals can be created within the framework of a sustainability strategy, but it is not a requirement to have a fully developed sustainability strategy.

I am a founder and I run a small fashion brand, is this training suitable for me?

Very much! I see that many smaller brands struggle to set clear goals because they lack the time, and knowledge or are afraid that they will not be able to achieve the goals. This training is perfect because it’s a very efficient way to create your sustainability goals, and we pay attention to setting goals that are attainable for your situation and size.

Can I book this training as an in-company training for my team?

Yes! This training has originally been developed as in-company training, so this is very possible. Send an email to with information about your company and team to receive a quote.

What if this isn’t the right time for me to set sustainability goals?

As a fashion or sustainability professional, time is always precious. I very often hear that people want to wait for the right moment when there is time or when it feels right. But I don't believe that time comes. Too little time is the same as too little focus, and that is precisely what you come to me for, you don't need to have that first, we create that together. Entering a training is always accompanied by healthy tension and resistance. And it is particularly effective in a busy period. Because then there is momentum and you need to make clear choices. I help you get rid right away of the fog that keeps you too busy. So that you create the time you need to work on your company's sustainability journey. And often, it is not in the time you have to invest but in the courage of choosing that you, and your company, are worth it. Let's go

Can I get additional 1 on 1 support during or after the training?

If you want even more personal attention and step-by-step guidance to develop your company's sustainability goals, you can also book additional 1 on 1 support. This will be a session where we develop or reassess your sustainability goals and we dive even deeper into making them actionable for you and your team. Email us at if you are interested in additional support.

Can my employer pay for the training?

You will receive an invoice for the training that you can file as an expense to your employer. Do you need specific information on the invoice? That’s no problem, you can send an email to with the information and we will make a custom invoice for you.

Is the training fee a business expense?

Yes! You will receive an invoice with the added VAT (BTW), which can be used as a deductible business expense.

Do you want to speak at my company or event?

Yes, I love to speak at companies, events, or other communities, online programs, or podcasts with an audience of fashion and sustainability professionals. You can invite me to if you think your target audience is interesting to The Sustainability Club, then together we can determine the content of my presentation, Q&A, or talk.

Do you have a different question?

No problem, you can send an email to We love to help.

Nynke is a breath of fresh air. Her positive energy and tactful ability to create awareness in the team have been elevating. Nynke inspires and delivers. She is both an expert and a strategist. I can highly recommend her.

Krijn Dijkmans, CEO BRONX


The Sustainability Goals Training


Excluding VAT

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