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*to grow from a strong fashion brand to a future-proof company with a positive global image. 

Use these resources to operate and communicate according to the highest standards of responsibility.

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We created The Sustainability Glossary to increase your understanding of sustainability and CSR. The Glossary includes terms that are often used in CSR and are talked about when creating a sustainability strategy. 

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This checklist is aligned with the latest rules for making sustainability claims about products or services sold on the Dutch market. Follow these guidelines if you want to make sure your sustainability claims are compliant.

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The Sustainability Blog combines curated industry news and in-depth articles written by our sustainability experts and guest authors. 


In a 30-minute discovery call with our founder Nynke Eggen, you can share your sustainability challenges and questions. You will receive advice on where to start and which steps to take and you'll discover together if The Sustainability Club is the right partner for your company.

Discovery Call

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