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Updated: Jul 28, 2022

In an interview by Agnes Hofman for Grazia magazine, our founder Nynke Eggen reveals how her volunteering experience has added an extra dimension to her mission to make the fashion industry more sustainable.

"My voluntary work for Fashion Revolution Netherlands has enabled me to not only help fashion brands with their sustainability journey, but also help to educate and empower people outside of the fashion industry. People can drive positive change on many levels and I feel that Fashion Revolution plays an essential part in empowering people to use their voice and to hold brands accountable for the impact that they have. I am very proud that I could play a part in that."

The article in Grazia magazine shines a light on volunteering and how this can be a valuable addition to your, and other peoples lives. With this article, lifestyle journalist Agnes Hofman aims to revamp the image of volunteering work and inspire a new generation to make a difference. We are proud that our founder got the opportunity to share her experience and hopefully inspire others.

From the January issue of Grazia Magazine NL, written by Agnes Hofman, portrait by Olga Esser.


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