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How you communicate your company's sustainability efforts without greenwashing

Every brand wants a sustainability landingspage these days. You know, that part on the website called ‘Sustainability’. It’s your calling card to show that you are a responsible brand and share a great marketing story.

Or is it?

In light of the tightening rules for sustainability claims, brands need to make sure that what they are saying does not only appeal to their customers, but is also factual and true.

Consumers and organizations that are assessing (or deciphering) brands' sustainability efforts - such as Good on You - are also becoming increasingly critical and knowledgeable on what makes a brand ‘sustainable'.

So shouting from the rooftops that you are a sustainable brand while not sharing any details, specifics or proof, simply doesn't cut it anymore.

The ACM rules for sustainability claims include:

‘Be honest and specific about your company’s efforts with regard to sustainability'.

Brands that do not abide to these rules are at risk of being sued and paying hefty fines or having to take down the communication (or in the case of H&M remove their entire Conscious line). Not to mention the negative press and social media attention that follows.

So there is a lot of pressure on brands these days, leading to hesitation or anxiety for the people that are responsible for the brands sustainability efforts and communication. Because what are you still allowed to say?

One way to ensure that you communicatie honestly and specifically about your companies sustainability efforts is with sustainability goals. In the Sustainability Goals training, you will learn how you can create them and how to use them in communication.

To join the training, you do not need to have a lot of experience of working in sustainability or fashion, because I will share many examples and industry standards, to make it easy for you to think within that framework. You’ll learn to set sustainability goals according to our method: Clarity, Credibility, Communication. So, if you are responsible for your company's sustainability efforts or communication, join this training and learn how to communicate about sustainability without greenwashing.

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